"The performances are sophisticated, the grooves are infectious, people are tapping their feet and dancing in the aisles. A professional performance from start to finish!"

—Jeff Whiteley, Excellence In The Community


Get ready for sheer delight, for here is happy music. When Hot House West begin to play, they unleash an impressive kinetic force, with pulsating, driving arrangements, the controlled fury of collective improvisation, and a spirit which no other band can match. This hard-hitting and straight-forward swing band have won over countless fans with their provocative and action-filled style of American jazz.

The nice thing about Hot House West is that they play for people, and when they play for people, they make no compromise in their art. Jazz fans, dance fans, old fans, and young fans alike enjoy their consistently thrilling music, for their charm is universal. Everywhere the band goes, feet tap, smiles broaden, glasses are emptied, and everybody is happy – patrons, bar tenders, waiters, club owners, everybody. 

Hot House West have carved out of the vast, unrefined ore of jazz performance an incisive style, a unique personality, and a musical delicacy that seemed all but lost forever. If the test of greatness lies in taking the best elements of style and content, synthesizing them and creating an individual mode of expression, Hot House West have certainly met this test.



Django In Orbit

Hot House West

Hot House West's latest album, “Django In Orbit”, seeks to blend the sounds of both European and American jazz. The band draws inspiration from the likes of Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli, Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, and Duke Ellington, and then infuses that vintage music with their own new ideas. With a seven-piece ensemble, “Django In Orbit” features swinging performances of classic standards, Django obscurities, and freshly-composed originals. 

Among the highlights of the colorful set are Ellington’s “Pyramid”, presented with the feel of a flamenco piece, a swinging version of Reinhardt’s “Dinette”, and a joyful rendition of the century-old “Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me”. With colorful horn and violin solos, Django-inspired lead guitar, and a solid rhythm section, “Django In Orbit” is a memorable and joyful listening experience.